Sizing Chart

Hooping n00b?

If you’re new to hooping, the different sizes and types of tubing can be fairly overwhelming.  Different sizes and weights complement different styles of dance and flow.  The larger the diameter, the slower the hoop will rotate around your body, which makes it much easier for learning.  People who like to groove at a slower pace or hoop for meditation also prefer the larger and heavier hoops.

If it’s your first hoop, I recommend a standard 36-38″ hoop made with heavyweight tubing.  Find the Beginner Hoop here!

Regular hooper!

You’ve been spinning for a while, and you want a lighter hoop that makes tricks and throws a little easier.  I recommend the black PE 125 PSI, aka my “adult” tubing.

Hoops for the kidlett?

I have special tubing just for kid’s hoops! It’s extra durable, light-weight, and bouncy.  But don’t worry, it’s not light-weight like a dollar-store hulahoop, it’s got enough weight that your kid will be able to hoop with ease and be able to throw it around without worry of it breaking or bending.

Hoopstar level-up!

As your hooping progresses, you’ll find that you’ll want to do more isolations and off-body tricks, which is where a smaller diameter hoop or the lighter tubing comes into play!

My smallest and lightest hoops are 28″ polypro, and HDPE in 3/4″ or HDPE in 5/8″ aka my “light-weight” tubing.  All of these are fantastic for throwing in the air, isolations,  and lightning-fast transitions between off-body and on-body tricks.